Speaker Profile

YASUI Hiromi

Kyodo News Kabul Bureau


October 17, 1963
Born in Osaka and raised in Kyoto.

I has been covering Afghanistan and Iraq, Palestine and Sri Lanka etc. as a freelance photographer since 1993.

Immediately after the terrorist attacks on the United States in 2001, I entered Afghanistan and have been working as a staff member of Kyodo News.
Since then I moved to Afghanistan and continue to work with Kyodo News Kabul bureau.

★Activities in Afghanistan
At the request of internally displaced persons interviewed in 2002, the returnee children were in a situation of school shortage.

There was no school for children at that time, and children living in internally displaced persons camps Established a school for children and engaged in educational support for children by own budget and responsible.( I wrote a book about education support for the returnee children in Japanese. The book title is "Afghanistan, my favorite country" published by "Akane Shobo”). The school that has been operating for 6 years is no longer needed with the reconstruction and is closed.

And I established handicrafts factory for Afghan women to support Afghan families in countries where poverty is a major issue.

And continues to the present.