Speaker Profile

Dr. Nasanbat Oyunbat

Chairperson of the APC Women in Sports Committee


Since elected as Chairperson of the Women in Sports Committee in 2019 Dr. Oyunbat has involved in various workshops and initiatives, including APC signing of Brighton plus Helsinki 2014 Declaration on Women and Sport.

Mrs. Oyunbat managed to influence federations to actively engage female coaches, referees and officials, under her management, State Committee of Physical Culture and Sports together with women leadership foundation of Mongolia has concluded a nationwide survey to deal with sexual harassment among the female athletes. Survey results were distributed to Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports and to other government institutions in Mongolia. Above institutions have provided further recommendations to national federations, and suggested to preventive clauses against sexual harassment in agreements between federations and athletes. Mrs. Oyunbat actively participated in public discussions in TV, newspapers and social media to debate current challenges of gender equality.