Speaker Profile


Director, International and General Affairs
Department for Equal Opportunities


Stefano Pizzicannella (born in Rome 6 October 1969) graduated in Political Science, obtained a Master Degree in EU Law and Economics at Rome La Sapienza University in 1998. In 2000, he became a senior civil servant at the Prime Minister’s Office in Italy, having successfully passed the fast track training for young managers of the SNA (the Italian National School of Public Administration). Stefano Pizzicannella is currently General Director for intentional and general affairs at the Department for equal opportunities. In the past, he served as responsible for international relations at the Department for Public Administration, at the SNA and at the Committee for the Promotion of Leadership. During his professional life, he has been working at the UK Cabinet Office, at the European Commission, at the European Parliament and studying at the London School of Economics.

During his career, he has been able to acquire experience and expertise on major policy areas of public governance and public sector modernization especially in the fields of social affairs, public sector integrity, open and digital government. He has been acting as Italian delegate in several EU Committees, at the UN-CEPA, UNCAC, OGP and at the Council of Europe (GRECO) and in international organizations Boards such as those of IASIA, EIPA and successfully managed and implemented administrative capacity building projects for both Italian and international initiatives. He currently represents Italy in several international institutions and committees dealing with equal opportunities and gender issues among which the EU High Level Group on Gender Mainstreaming, relevant Committees at the Council of Europe and is a member of the Open Government Partnership Board.